Welcome Eunice!

euniceWe are very excited to welcome Eunice Donovan as official project worker for the Whitsunday, Isaac, Mackay Coalition of Community Boards.

Taking a sabbatical from her role at Mackay Regional Council for the next four months, Eunice will support Boards and Committees of locally-managed not-for-profit organisations in the Whitsunday Isaac Mackay (WIM) region to withstand the trend in government funding policy towards funding large State-based, national, and international NGO’s to deliver services into regional communities.

The focus will be on exploring workable approaches for collaboration among small organisations.

It is not just our networks that think Eunice is extraordinary community development practitioner.  She has recently been asked to share her knowledge and expertise at the upcoming Community Work Conference in Melbourne where delegates will be in for a real treat!

Eunice has been key in the development of the Coalition of Community Boards in the Whitsunday, Isaac, Mackay region along with Carmel Daveson for a number of years.  We look forward to unleashing the power of Eunice into the community as we see the boards of local organisations in the communities of the Whitsunday, Isaac, and Mackay regions come together.

You can find out more about the Community Commons Project in our 2014 wrap up here >>

Eunice can be contacted via email eunice(at)cocb.org.au

Welcome and good luck!