Active and healthy communities are made up of active and healthy community groups.  These groups are sometimes incorporated not for profit associations, and sometimes informal groups coming together for a collective purpose, working within their own set of guidelines. 

Community led groups are the fabric of our societies keeping us connected, providing ways for communities to come together for fun and exploration, and provide resilience through tough times like natural disasters, and are the expression of the identity of it’s collective members.   

The governance and boards of these groups hold the responsibility to ensure the mission and purpose of their group members is delivered and this is no easy task.  We also know the complex legislative landscape and government changes impact heavily on funding, compliance, and availability of support.

The Coalition of Community Boards (CoCB) was formed in response to a series of government changes in QLD that seriously impacted community groups sustainability and ability to advocate for disadvantaged and at risk members of our communities.  The founding COCB members worked collaboratively, within localities and across Queensland to strengthen the skills, knowledge and connection of board members, engage in policy and planning discussions, at local and regional levels and work with governments and larger organisations for the benefit of our communities.

We now encourage all board members to participate and collaborate to ensure the resilience, responsiveness and professionalism of community led, place based organisations through expertise, knowledge and connection.

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