Whitsunday, Isaac, Mackay – 2014 end of year wrap up

What a year it has been for the Whitsunday, Isaac and Mackay Coalition of Community Boards! As part of the RSDC, and in collaboration with Volunteering QLD, the group have been busy moving forward their recent grant from the Queensland Community Foundation.

After extensive dialogue between groups, they recently released their visioning plan to guide their activities in the new year and an introductory animation for use in promotions and information sessions.

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What’s coming in the new year?

  • capacity-building among CoCB members around enhancing readiness for collaboration which has already started with a workshop with Proserpine YouthSpace
  •  A research project starting in early 2015, recording of baseline data about the small-to-medium NGO’s in the region, levels of service delivery, and levels of unmet need, as examples.

At the recent AGM of the auspicing body (RSDC), CoCB Secretariat, Eunice Donovan, and Volunteering Qld representative, Lana de Kort gave a presentation about the CoCB and future plans.

These activities will be supported by a part time support worker, to be advertised shortly.

For more information and to see how your organisation can join in the collaboration, please contact Eunice Donovan eunice.donovan@mackay.qld.gov.au


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