Update: Logan Community Group Alliance

There has been so much going on and lots of exciting developments to share with other local collaborations.

Firstly, our main process of focusing on building a strong local collaboration base in Logan, Loganlea and Kingston East has come together in the development of the Logan Community Group Alliance.

Logan Community Group Alliance

Our focus has been to have common standardisation, auditors and seek out ways to collaborate on a day to day basis. We have found that this provided us with a strong base for advocacy and together we have been able to approach small and large organisations, politicians and other groups within our community.

Our latest project is putting together an introductory video on the Alliance which will be released soon, working out a standard script and identifying targeted people and organisations to approach to connect with and strengthen our networks within our areas.

The following is not that video, but we hope you enjoy it.

We are fortunate to have help from Volunteering QLD who have been attending meetings and have helped with the video production and also our upcoming launch event.

We have also been in a position to hire the help of a consultant to help facilitate this process.

That’s a brief overview and we’ll keep you updated with progress.  We hope it helps other organisations with ideas for their own collaborations.  If you’d like to ask any questions, please comment below, or join in the next teleconference.

All the best with your collaborations

Roger Marshall
Vice-President and Secretary, Logan East Community Neighbourhood Association Inc. (LECNA)
(07) 3808 4530 (LECNA)
E-Mail:                    rogermarshall@bigpond.com
LECNA Website:  http://www.lecna.org.au/