Sunshine Coast Collaboration

The Sunshine Coast discussion forum, raising our voices was held on 20th March 2013. As a summary of your input into the forum, we’ve picked out the points where there was much agreement.

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For those who attended, I’m sure you’re all asking however, what now???

A steering group is being formed to discuss addressing some of the ideas found in the attached document. The idea is to create a local collaborative network that also feeds in to the statewide Coalition of Community Boards network to give us a stronger voice both locally and across the State.

If you would like to be involved please call Narelle Poulsen 0405764 751 or Smadar Menashe 0428 543 668 or email

Forum summary

  • Forum participants recognise their strengths in togetherness and their deep roots in & care for community. The key values identified were Mission, Passion, Vision, Diversity with skills in being Thrifty & Nimble. There was also an acknowledgement of our significant collective knowledge.
  • There was commonality around challenges being faced in recognition of competition, fear and some reluctance to collaborate, often through not knowing what other organisations are doing. We all struggle with compliance issues and the constantly changing funding environment and as we watch the trend to funding large organisations; often experience not having a voice with funders.
  • In addressing these challenges, forum participants particularly emphasised the value of collaboration and networking with suggested collaborations around training and professional development needs for boards & resources such as printing, transport, contacts, research, use of venues.
  • Where seeking help from others, there was an interest in seeking funding in creative, entrepreneurial ways from a variety of sources, particularly exploring corporate sponsorships and some individuals have expressed an interest in the concept of establishing a foundation.
  • The insights from senior workers emphasised both the power of private citizens/ volunteers and queried the sustainability of action of boards due to the voluntary nature of members. They also suggested the recruitment of board members for specific skills and importance of clear role clarification between board members and workers.

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