Donations now tax deductible! Great news for Community and Neighbourhood Centres

We’ve all been wanting it, but now thanks to 7 years of advocacy by theĀ Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Inc (ANHCA), legislation passed to make it happen!

This decision means that the block for businesses and philanthropists who have wanted to donate to this sector removed! Ā A fabulous decision that is going to make it easier to fundraise and ask for greater contributions from our business leaders.


Over the next few months ANHCA will establish the mechanism to provide a national fund which will enable your House/Centre, through ANHCA, to:

  • Take donations for which the donor or philanthropic body wishes to claim a tax deduction
  • Apply for grants provided by philanthropic bodies and foundations which require DGR (tax deductibility) status

We welcome this news, and look forward to discussing ways we can continue to build relationships and find creative ways to fund the important work of local centres.

Click here to download the news release fromĀ Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association Inc (ANHCA)

For more information go to the ANHCA website

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