Question from Facebook re: Campbell Streamlines!


A great topic to start discussion, this question came from Sean Cleary on our Facebook page

(note: this discussion thread has been condensed, but no information has been ommitted)

Campbell wants to streamline!! Please explain?? CoCB position or thoughts?

I’m referring to Monday’s announcement re the streamlining of State contracts with NGO’s:-

Second to last item here. I’m unsure if last item might also have a sinister subtext

“Commence a review to streamline contracts with non government organisations (NGOs) reducing the number of individual contracts.”

..And presumably therefore reduce the number of NGO’s. Probably the same announcement – but looks like the Courier Mail might not have read all the way to the bottom in preparing for their coverage. No mention of these last two items.

To start, the Coalition of Community Boards is not a peak body, rather a network of board members whom will have different views and ideas.  This question was put to our existing networks and an ethusiastic discussion has begun.  We would like to continue this dialogue here.

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