Strategies & actions

Through discussions so far, our three main strategies are to:

  1. Create links between boards to foster dialogue, develop our board analysis and voice;
  2. Make our presence and messages clear to government, policymakers and other funders;
  3. Foster and support local/regional solutions to the immediate crisis that have fit with the emerging policy agendas and can also pursue wider funding possibilities, but that are on terms that suit our particular communities.

If you are on a board of a small to medium organisation servicing the community sector and you have issues that you would like to discuss with people who understand the issues and can workshop ideas and partner with support, please get in contact and join the conversations that we are having across Queensland.


Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities

The Australian Government has released a Discussion Paper on Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities considers potential reforms to the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) tax arrangements and outlines a number of proposals.

The Sunshine Coast CoCB called for collaborators to form a submission on behalf of the CoCB. See our submission here CoCB submission to DGR Reform Opportunity

Visit the paper here:

Regional discussion forums

A series of regional forums are being held across Queensland to foster and support local collaborations and strengthen our presence across the State.  At the forums board members will discuss how individually and collectively we can ensure the survival of our orgs and deal with the crisis we are facing. Can Boards do more to ensure there is a place for small and medium community organisations in the emerging policy environment?

Find out more about the regional forums >


Promotion of good governance practices

Good governance involves the dual aspects of conformance, and performance. As each role (Treasurer, President, Secretary etc) involves unique rewards and challenges, it’s often hard to improve governance within your board alone. By connecting with resources and other people in your role at different organisations, board members can improve the governance practices of their organisation and have a better chance of success.

We also encourage local councils to run governance workshops to improve the capacity of their regions community organisations.

Check out our resources page for governance materials and links, and contact us if you’d like us to run governance workshops in your area.


Contacting MPs

We are currently contacting MPs to meet and discuss issues relating specifically to the needs of small and medium community services organisations as identified by participating board members.  Many are not aware of the significance of our organisations and the effect that these cuts and redistribution of funds to large organisations will have on our communities.

The report on the Importance of Community Centres highlights the roles that our organisations have not only in times of crisis, such as the QLD floods, but the role we play in a supportive and inclusive society.

Click to download the report (pdf)

Social inclusion roundtable

Through campaigning, the  Coalition of Community Boards has been invited to sit in to the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disabilities social inclusion roundtable.  We meet quarterly and are currently getting ready to engage in our first pilot program. The focus at the moment is co-designing our community strategies and push for recognition of local organisations, and greater responsibility of larger organisations and government to consult, and engage with groups in their localities to overcome social issues.

Please get in contact if you would like copies of the meeting notes.