Our aim

By working together, boards contribute to finding a way forward that builds on and adds to the strengths of the community sector. Alone, we are likely to take pathways that move ever further from our purposes, but together we can develop strategies, mobilise human resources, and strengthen our capacity for research and innovation.

We must keep alive an understanding of what we are here for, what we are good at, who we serve, and what, as elected Boards, we have a mandate to do.

The 3 aims of the Coalition of Community Boards:

The 3 aims of the Coalition of Community Boards

 Download the Coalition of Community Boards Charter

So…what will you do about it?

Let’s work together. Be part of the solution!

  • Tell us how your board has dealt with these issues.
  • Get in touch if you need peer support for your board members.
  • Work with the Coalition of Community Boards, send a representative to meetings (via telephone conference)


You can join us on Facebook www.facebook.com/coalitionvoice.

Contact us by emailing admin (@) cocb.org.au.

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