The community services sector is constantly changing and small and medium not for profit organisations have been feeling the effect of these changes for quite some time.  We all know that there are even more challenging changes to come.

The Coalition of Community Boards (CoCB) has formed in response to these changes and works  collaboratively, within localities and across Queensland to strengthen our boards, engage in policy and planning discussions, and work with governments and larger organisations for the benefit of our communities.

The CoCB is comprised of an engaged and professional network of boards within the sector.

 We work to ensure the resilience, responsiveness and professionalism of community led, place based organisations through expertise, knowledge and connection.


CoCB has been working closely with Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) and The Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA) to to design some shared key statements for future investment and support to all neighbourhood and community centres in Queensland.

The statements are in response to State Government consultation through the Investment Management Strategy process for Neighbourhood Centres in Queensland. NHC Key Messages 2017 1 Page (1) NHC Key Messages 2017 2 Page (2)

Neighbourhood Centres want to serve their communities from a flexible, universal, community development framework. To do this, they require adequate funding and infrastructure. Centres are ‘stretched to the limit’ and want to have the capacity to do more with their communities; operate safe working environments; to support their volunteers; and, to be recognised for their role in the community. The work we have been doing supports resourcing for this to take place.

Centre committee members and key staff are encouraged to use this information and meet with their local State member before March when funding decisions about Neighbourhood and Community Centres will be made.  You can read about the consultation approach here.

CoCB submission to the Australian Governments Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform opportunities

Click here to see the CoCB submission for this discussion paper.


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