Social Inclusion Roundtable

The Coalition of Community Boards was invited by the Minister for Communities, Child Safety, and Disability Services, the Honourable Tracy Davis MP to sit on the Social Inclusion Roundtable on Friday December 7th.

We are unsure yet to what extent it will be possible to have any influence from this position however, representatives from the Coalition of Community Boards will continue to attend quarterly meetings to try and understand what points of leverage there are in the current policy situation

Tracy Davis MP

Dr Ann Ingamells, founding member, President of SANDBAG, and lecturer at Griffith University, School of Human Services and Social Work attended the first Ministerial roundtable on behalf of CoCB and was joined by representatives from other key organisations.  The notes from the meeting have been made available.

Download the record of the meeting

Please use the comments box below if you have questions or items of disscussion to be brought to the next roundtable

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