Raise Money and Win for your community! Win a Home, Build Community.

Raise money for your club, organisation or charity

On September 3, The Spot Community Services will launch a unique lottery designed to enhance our sustainability and growth as a local community organisation.

This Lottery will be driven by social media platforms (ie Facebook, Twitter etc) underpinned by a crowd funding model.
In other words, its genius lies in the concept of friends sharing with friends to build community and gaining the opportunity of winning prizes along the way.
The Spot Lottery
The way it works is if Joe Blogs buys a $10 ticket they go in the draw for the major prize, a Gold Coast unit. Then if they tell, or refer, their friends and ten of them buy a ticket/s, Joe will go in the draw for a home theatre. 25 referrals and he’s in the draw for a voucher for a $12,000 dream holiday, the most referrals and he wins a car. He may also be lucky enough to win the unit on The Gold Coast!







But here’s how this lottery will help you fundraise for your own organisation.

1. Get your organisation to buy a ticket and then refer out to your members and friends. You will get a referral number which we will use to track all the tickets bought through your network

2. At the close of the lottery, we will donate back to your organisation 10% of the ticket sales you raised through your network.

Your organisation/club might even win one of the incentive prizes along the way, or even the Gold Coast Unit which is a perfect investment property and has the potential to bring a passive income into your organisation for years to come.

Talk to us if you want to be involved and get on board! Phone 3809 4100 and ask for Dorlene or Ken or email ken.houliston@thespot.net.au.

The Spot Lottery flyer
Thanks for your interest and support, have a great day!

Ken Houliston

Executive Director /  President | The Spot Community Services








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