QCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2013/14

Queensland Council of Social Services has released their pre-budget submission asking the Government to consider investment in community services and to recognise the strength in the sector and we are pleased to see the recognition of smaller organisations and neighbourhood centres.

From the QCOSS summary:


The submission outlines the need to focus on strengthening foundational services such as neighbourhood centres, family support, employment, especially those which support a basic standard of living for disadvantaged Queenslanders. It also focuses on the importance of strong administrative foundations such as a strong partnership between government and the sector, reduced red tape, service evaluation and mapping and the reinstatement of indexation.

The submission also recommends phasing in contestability of organisations with a monopoly on services, starting in South East Queensland.

This is an interesting read, and we will be following the response and outcomes of the submission carefully.

We encourage you to read the executive summary and the full submission and comment below so we can have develop a full picture of what this submission means to our organisations and communities.

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