QCOSS: Community Services Industry Body discussion

The steering committee looking at the viability of a Community Services Industry Body (CSIB), outlining what a potential body might look like and the role it may play in Queensland is seeking consultation on their proposals.

It is important now that we develop a board level analysis of what WE as board members of community organisations feel would benefit our communities and the small and medium organisations that service them.

Consultancy is now open and NOW is the time to read the Working Together Green Paper, the full report, and the CSIB FAQ’s and join us in an open discussion about the implications and opportunities that this project presents AND comment below.

Here is a summary from QCOSS:

  • An industry body is proposed in the Working Together Green Paper that was commissioned by the Futures Forum.
  • A group of interested organisations decided to get together (independently of the Futures Forum) to investigate the idea of establishing an industry body further and they sought resources to engage a consultant to undertake the initial investigation.
  • The Industry Body would work on the “business of the business”.  Things like promoting the sector, IT systems, HR, IR, and business development would be in its remit. The CSIB Fact Sheet explains it in more detail.

Members of the steering group which has commissioned the work to date are:

  • Carmel Marshall, Capricorn Community Development Association
  • Mark Henley, QCOSS
  • Anna Moynihan, UnitingCare Queensland
  • Wallis Westbrook, Health and Community Services Workforce Council
  • Trevor Carlyon, Carlyon and Associates (author of Working Together)

The Coalition of Community Boards have shown interest in being involved in discussions, and will be approaching QCOSS and the steering group to discuss important factors that affect us all.

Please comment below, so we can build a board level analysis of the issues and opportunities surrounding this proposal and work towards having a voice in the development of this.

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One response to “QCOSS: Community Services Industry Body discussion”

  1. It is good to see this industry body paperwork emerging, and to have opportunity to read it through and comment. Is the proposal that the peaks continue to exist to do the work they already do, and the industry body is an additional piece of infrastructure? Can the sector sustain the funding for several such pieces of infrastructure? How would an industry body avoid the conflict of interest that hampers the work of peaks – namely they need government funds for survival, but then are restricted in their advocacy – and further they enter into service delivery to survive and then find themselves in competition with their members? Why has an industry body proposal arisen at this time? Does it address the very real issues impacting Qld community services right now? Can anyone explain how.