Host a local forum for community boards

Over the past few years there has not been much motivation to exercise the public mandate of boards  – the emphasis has been on finances and compliance and such issues within organisations.

The forums are about more macro issues and an outlet to discuss the fear we feel and the ways that is informing our current responses.

The forums also needs to endorse, acknowledge and make explicit the broad roles our organisations play in community, i.e. our unique value – keeping local families and children safe, assisting communities at a local level.


  • build dialogue to help us move forward in ways that ensure a future for community based orgs that have a community orientation
  •  help boards understand and stand in – their legitimacy in the public realm – our strategic role has a public face
  • build structural relations between community organisations so that we can make decisions and progress agendas together

Areas of discussion:

There are three areas for discussion:

  • What are our Strengths? – individually and collectively; we need to bring out here the strengths of the community oriented approach whether to service dellivery or c.d. Note keep the focus on what we do that large NGOs or public service cannot do. Keep an eye on Board role here.
  • What are our challenges? This probably needs interpreting as what are the challenges in us shaping our work and the future of our sector in ways that we know respond well to our communities (of place and people)
  • What are we/can we doing about it? Individual Orgs, local collaborations and collectively Needs a good process for bringing out local developments and efforts.  This question needs to include the question What now – what can we do right now to do to position ourselves to work more effectively together? Here we need to consider the aim of structuring our relations for more effective capacity to influence the shape our sector takes, the funding, the relations, the kinds of work that get valued etc.
If you are interested in attending or collaborating in a forum in your area, please contact us  for more information

Past Forums

North East Brisbane Forum – December 2012

Sunshine Coast Collaboration Forum