Want to join in?

There are many different ways you can be part of the Coalition of Community Boards network.  There is no membership fee and no obligation to take on additional responsibilities, although there is certainly ways you can help out.  Here are 3 ways you can be involved:


1.    As an Individual


  • Have industry knowledge and experience
  • Want to be involved
  • May not be representing an organisation in particular
  • May also represent a board of an organisation by wearing 2 hats!


  • Share resources with the network
  • May want a less active role – forwarding emails, sharing facebook posts and answering questionnaires/petitions is still VERY helpful
  • OR may be active in local or regional meetings and teleconferences
  • May also be involved in advocacy and tasks to achieve CoCB goals
  • May be a mobiliser in your region.  Find out more about hosting a forum

    2.    Representing a board of a small to medium not for profit community organisation


    • A representative of an organisation – may be a board member or senior staff member
    • Representation may rotate around multiple members of the organisation, as long as approved by the board


    • Feedback is presented to and on behalf of the organisation
    • This role can be rotated as long as your board has given approval.
    • Try to network with other organisations in your area
    • Share resources with local networks and with the wider CoCB networks


    3.    As a member of the Sounding Board


    • May be an individual AND/OR a representative of an organisation
    • Must be able to commit to feeding back information on behalf of their organisation, and preferably part of a local network
    • Except for a few occasions, must be able to respond to each request for feedback
    • Find out more information on the Sounding Board


    Things we can ALL do!

    Share resources

    Let your local MPs know we exist – send them a link to our website

    Share, like and engage on our Facebook page and sign up for newsletter updates

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