Logan Community Group Alliance 2014 wrap up

There is a change in the making in the Logan region.  With the Logan Together project underway, collaborations are essential and the Logan Community Group Alliance has been keen to be involved in the collective impact approach.To find out more about the Logan Together Project and Collective Impact approach, click here to download more information.>>

We also welcomed Kris Saunders as a project officer to strengthen our collaboration and draw out the assets we have within our groups.  So far she has started an asset mapping project based on the community asset mapping model stemming from Chicago.  Here is an easy to read guide for more info >>

As we end 2014, we look forward to a well earned rest, and a plan for the new year.  Our key objectives are to consolidate our networks, continuing with asset mapping, which not only helps us identify areas we can support each other, but is a great auditing tool for individual organisations.  We will also be seeking to extend the collaboration, continue to work with the Logan Together project team, and seek further support for the work of strengthening our local place based organisations.

To leave you this year, here is a quick video on collective impact in Australia.

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