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  • QCOSS Pre-Budget Submission 2013/14

    Queensland Council of Social Services has released their pre-budget submission asking the Government to consider investment in community services and to recognise the strength in the sector and we are pleased to see the recognition of smaller organisations and neighbourhood centres. From the QCOSS summary:

  • Event: Report Launch – No Wrong Door

      YOU ARE INVITED TO THE LAUNCH OF THE REPORT: No Wrong Door: investing locally for social and economic outcomes. This report documents the successes of five agencies in Brisbane’s North East in securing employment out-comes for disadvantaged people. It il-lustrates the approach and effective-ness of locality based work as it occurred through the Skilling […]

  • Update: Coalition of Community Boards

    2012 has been an emotional and eye opening year for everyone in the community services sector.  What we have realised is how under represented we, as boards of small and medium organisations are.  The following update is lengthy, but we urge you to stick with it as it contains important details of what we have […]

  • Event: Community Services Futures Forum

      The Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) is hosting a forum on the future of Community Services.  We HIGHLY recommend all small and medium community organisations send a board member to represent them, and to pick up some useful information to assist with changes that are happening in the sector. The first part of […]

  • QCOSS: Community Services Industry Body discussion

    The steering committee looking at the viability of a Community Services Industry Body (CSIB), outlining what a potential body might look like and the role it may play in Queensland is seeking consultation on their proposals. It is important now that we develop a board level analysis of what WE as board members of community […]

  • Why Board Members?

    Why Board Members?
  • Roger Marshall on the importance of Board Collaboration

  • Social Inclusion Roundtable

    The Coalition of Community Boards was invited by the Minister for Communities, Child Safety, and Disability Services, the Honourable Tracy Davis MP to sit on the Social Inclusion Roundtable on Friday December 7th.

  • Question from Facebook re: Campbell Streamlines!

      A great topic to start discussion, this question came from Sean Cleary on our Facebook page (note: this discussion thread has been condensed, but no information has been ommitted) Campbell wants to streamline!! Please explain?? CoCB position or thoughts? I’m referring to Monday’s announcement re the streamlining of State contracts with NGO’s:- Second to […]