Are we ready to participate in our communities?

The way community is governed is changing.  Our communities – that’s you, me, all of us, are being asked to step up and fill those gaps.

But are we ready?

When we are in a deep state of loss, as many of our organisations are right now, we naturally bunker down to protect our piece of pie.  We risk our own capacity to collaborate and do this work

It’s not adequate enough to convene and bring people together and say everyone has a voice. When a participatory culture is not the norm, people need the skills, tools, information and opportunities to build self-confidence and find their passion, and take baby steps to participation

This talk from Kelly Ryan, President and CEO of the Incourage Community Foundation, talks to a big bet that their foundation took to change from just giving funds, to making bold steps to work on a culture change and creating a nurturing space for innovation and participation within their community.

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